Nutrition is a large contributor to the physical development of athletes. To continue to perform, athletes are not only required to consume a large amount of food but also the right type of food. Because of this, it may be difficult for aspiring athletes to keep track of their caloric intake or have a path to follow in their pursuit to fame. Making the Chains is made for this very reason, pushing younger athletes to eat like professionals with personalized nutritional plans, the website is the beginning of a player's road to stardom.

Nutrition is making headlines. Star players such a LeBron James and Stephen Curry are revealing their daily meal plans, which are filled with healthy and filling options. This is a tremendous difference compared to just a decade ago where there was no emphasis placed on consumption, period. With the trend of fitness and performance tying themselves to nutrition, our project aims not only to highlight the importance of nutrition but also give new athlete a schedule outside of practice.

Making the Chains works by compiling data such as age, height, weight, and football position and using specialized functions developed through research and data to assign someone with their own caloric goal, satisfying specific nutritional values.

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