On The Move aims to help people make moving easy! It provides common indicators of county health and visualizes it all in one easy interface.

What it Does

On The Move asks the user for a county and returns information on common factors including high school graduation rate, median housing cost, and crime rate, etc. and compares that county to all other counties in the U.S. through data visualization. The web app incorporates finance by allowing the user to make smarter decisions based on factors such as medical conditions and housing. Also, we used machine learning, specifically k-means clustering, to list counties similar to the user's county input based on various features.

How we built it

We built a website using HTML, Node.js, and CSS that takes in a user’s input. We also wrote a python script using pandas to reformat all of the data files into a standardized format. We also created an R script that takes the user input and the data and visualizes it in the form of histograms, scatter plots, line graphs, etc.

Challenges we ran into

Formatting the data was a challenge because there were a lot of columns that had information that was not relevant to our visualizations. There were also differentiations in the way counties were named and we had to standardize it.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We were able to code this web app with our team being at least 50% novice.

What we learned

We learned a lot about R, HTML, .csv files, pandas, Python, Github and most importantly, how to work as a team!

What’s next for On The Move

Ideally, we would love to have more features like 3-D visualizations and more datasets. Given more time, we would add a feature that includes a ranking of the best counties based on all of the features we have.

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