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Browse for your favorite movies and box office releases.

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Home recommendations

Get instant recommendations from your personal movie choices that you have made Alt text

Make Bucketlists

Popcorn allows you to create unique Bucketlists, or lists of movies you chose, whether you enjoyed them, made you laugh or thought were just so bad you had to put them together


With Bucketlists, you can create your own and share them with friends with Facebook, or follow other people's Bucketlists to get a peek at what they enjoy.

Movie Profiles

We provide you with unique profiles for movies and their ratings. Along with ratings from IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, there is a place for you to leave your own opinion on what you thought about it along with unique links to platforms that provide you with access to the movie, including Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.

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Search for what you want if you know exactly what you are looking for. We provide you the opportunity to search for people as well, whether it's your friends or someone famous, you can find their lists and recently viewed history. Alt text

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