I wanted to watch as many movies as I can in the theater when I have a day off. But often times figuring out what order to watch to have the least time in between is very time consuming. So I am writing a program to do this for me!

What it does

Currently this allows you to retrieve a link of the movie theater you wish to watch your movies from as well as the day of which you wanna watch them on from Then select the titles that you would like to watch that day, and the program will find out the best way to watch all those movies at once!

How I built it

Using Python and Python libraries (Beautiful Soup 4, requests, regular expression), I was able to scrape movie title and show time from the link provided by the user. Then using an algorithm I wrote (with lots of while loops, for loops and if statements) the program will compare each result and find the best one.

Challenges I ran into

I can't use fandango's API because they stopped giving out API keys. That's why I had to use regular expression to get all my data. If I was able to use the API gathering these information would've been so much easier.

Also trying to find out the best way to design and execute the algorithm too a lot of time as well because I am still working on this part.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I got the data I needed =D

What I learned

Regular expression, Beautiful Soup 4

What's next for Movies All Day!

Implement a user interface, allowing users to select which theater and what day they would like to watch movies on. Also allow users to either compare show time results across multiple theaters on the same day, or multiple days in the same theater. Very similar to how google flights tries to compare prices for flight tickets to get the cheapest price.

If I successfully finish building this, with all the implementations working and very limited bugs, I want to reach out to Movie Pass and see if they are interested in using this program. This way their users can maximize their movie pass potential and watch as many movies as they want!

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