We saw problems with different kinds of payment systems. There are usually long wait times, which is further increased by people searching for their wallets (not to forget the added processing fees). We wanted to create something that was easy to use and that would remove the annoyances and obtrusiveness of payment, and to do this, we decided to approach the problem using bleeding-edge yet proven technology, such as blockchain (not part of demo, but lightly implemented) and proximity payment.

What it does

Bloqpay will eventually run on blockchain (to secure payment and avert processing fees). It tracks a consumer's location to add and confirm payment. For our current use case, this will add and confirm movie theatre purchases. Very useful for events with different areas and many other similar scenarios - the potential for this technology is unbound!

How we built it

We used Android Studio, Microsoft Azure, a Raspberry and Sketch, along with technologies like NodeJS, Socket.IO, and others listed above.

Challenges we ran into

One of the Raspberry Pi's failed, and we lacked a keyboard and mouse to debug. Later, we lacked a sd-card adapter to reinstall the OS, so we travelled to the mall and lost a lot of time gathering equipment. However, we were still able to pull together a very strong prototype.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the tech to work, and overcoming some very tough obstacles. We also overcame a major bug we were facing right on time.

What we learned

We learned that this technology and payment system will eventually become part of our daily lives (decentralization is the future of payment and autonomous software). We learned how to use the raspberry pi and different low-level bluetooth software to gather proximity data.

What's next for Bloqpay

We want to tackle other use cases and implement Blockchain. We are definitely going to pursue this idea further outside of the hackathon space.

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