The word Movieoke stems from the English word "movie" and the Japanese word "karaoke", which itself stems from the word kara, meaning "empty", and the English word "orchestra". This term used to be slang for media where pre-recorded acting is substituted by a live performance. While ideating, our team took a short break and started watching a movie together on Netflix Party. While watching a scene about Karaoke, suddenly, the idea popped into our heads - what if we could create a game where you can play Karaoke with your friends, only replacing the songs with movie dialogues. Movieokes are quite known in New York bars, and while we can’t exactly have a drinks-and-movieoke night with our buddies considering the current pandemic, we decided to build this as a fun mobile app/game.

What it does

Movieoke is an amazing way to recite movie dialogues and you can do that with your friends right on your phone! Record, compete, score Do you think you can speak in the exact same tone as Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption? Our AI gives helps us give you points for accuracy in tone and timing!

You can compete solo, with your friends, or random people online, push to reach the top of the global/friends leaderboard, and have a lot of fun.

How we built it

We used React Native and Expo for the frontend
We Used Google Cloud Speech to Text for the speech recognition and Google Cloud Functions for the backend
We used MongoDB for the database
We used Figma for the design and prototyping

Challenges we ran into

Getting the Speech to Text working correctly and synchronizing
Removing audio from specific clips

Accomplishments that we're proud of

building a working app

What we learned

its hard to get exact intonation from movie clips with background sound and music

What's next for Movieoke

more accurate background noise and music cancellation
better intonation detection

Built With

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