New releases that interest me, still often pass me by, and I have to wait for them to appear on content sites as they have moved on from the cinema within a couple of weeks.

How it works

Consumer is polled of their location by the app and if a suitable film is showing nearby, the Wearable notifies user if the film is starting soon, and gives the user opportunity to pass information to friends also.

Challenges I ran into

Implementing new technology

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Geolocating movies based on Postcode

What I learned

It is important that the notifications are within tolerable limits as notifications and apps will be removed if they are an annoyance or there is not a tight correlation between movies you want to see, and those that are simply starting soon nearby.

What's next for MovieMates

Add other content notifications and promoted notifications; YouTube/Vimeo/Twitch: Get notified when one of your favourite tubers posts new content Promotional pushes: Notify special screenings Streamed content: Get a video message from a screening Casting: Push content to a casting receiver (chromecast, etc) when at home Online streaming: Invite only online previews of content/movies Facebook messaging notifications for friends not on the platform

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