As college students, we love taking a break from academic responsibilities and binge-watching movies with our friends. Sometimes we can't decide which movies to watch next, so we created a website that decides for us. Our program meets the mental health vertical because binge-watch movies are usually good for our mental wellbeing, especially when we are in a very stressful college environment.

What it does

This program recommends movies based on user-specified genres, actors, release years, etc. Then, it filters movies from a dataset based on those classifications

How I built it

We used HTML, CSS, and Javascript for our front-end and an external API for our backend.

Challenges I ran into

Each of us separately worked on our parts of the project, and we successfully did so, but when we came together to integrate all of our individual parts, the program crashed. After resolving issues and getting our website to work, our front-end design wasn't very cohesive since we each have different creative preferences. Essentially, turning our individual parts into one cohesive project was the biggest challenge we ran into.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I learned HTML, CSS, and Javascript this weekend and successfully implemented my newfound knowledge. Another member of my group was proud of getting her transitions to work.

What I learned

One of my teammates learned jquery. Another one of my teammates learned that the front-end is very fun, but also very hard. I learned HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and am now very excited about the web development course that I am taking next quarter.

What's next for MovieMarathon

We want to use machine learning and make our program "smart" instead of randomly filtering based on keywords.

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