Figuring out what you don't know is harder than most people think, but learning about new topics is extremely satisfying. When we came across CSG's Ascendon API, we saw a wonderful opportunity to explore new information in an organized fashion.

What it does

Provides users with randomly generated quizzes that test them on their knowledge of a specific category of entertainment. The application uses the Ascedon API to retrieve data used to generate the quizzes at runtime. The application also provides marketing information to the user related to the topic they are interested in.

How we built it

We used Bootstrap to quickly create a nice, functional user interface. Javascript is used to handle all of the game logic and communication. We started out by learning how to interact with the API by retrieving the category information. After we understood how communication worked, we were able to work with other kinds of detailed information.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Using a single page format allows the user to create, take, and review quizzes without leaving the page, which keeps the user engaged.

What we learned

We didn't have very much experience with web development, Javascript, or JSON. In order to complete this project, we had to learn all of these technologies.

What's next

The biggest improvement that we can make would be to create a account system so that users can save their quiz history and other information. The account system would also provide valuable feedback about what users are interested in.

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