We wanted a place where users could easily keep track of their own favorite upcoming movies!

What it does

With MOVIETIMELINE, you can add upcoming movies to a watchlist, and they will be displayed in a timeline format from which movie is the closest to release to the one that is the furthest.

How we built it

For the back end, we leveraged the Flask python web framework. We used the Cinemagoer API to obtain movie data directly from IMDb. For the front end, we stuck with the reliable JavaScript web framework known as React. We used cockroachdb as a reliable and secure database solution to house user accounts and movies that can only be started up via a secret password. Storing movies in our database after they are queried via an API call allows for faster adding of those movies for any user on the website later on!

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Challenges we ran into

A big challenge we ran into was that our API calls between front-end and back-end were interfering with a login session on the backend, but we eventually overcame this by making the back end a proxy for front end API requests.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud of bringing a product that we had planned to life and for it to look so wonderful and function so smoothly. It has been a great pleasure!

What we learned

We further gained an appreciation for working in a team and used this fact to develop different components of the web app and continuously integrate our features to lead to a catalyzed development process.

What's next for MovieTimeLine

We need to add in input verification to make sure the user enters a valid movie and give them an appropriate error message when an incorrect input is detected.

Another possible update would be to periodically update movie release dates for movies stored in our database as movies can get delayed in real time.

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