Our inspiration was driven by the need to save time and get access to movie/show information at a rapid rate.

What it does

Its an encyclopedia of popular movies and tv shows. With a quick search you can discover descriptions and trailers from wikipedia and youtube respectively for most movies and tv shows. If a film is currently out, the nearest cinema to the users location will be displayed with times they are being shown.

How we built it

So first we created a searchbar that allowed users to enter ANY movie or show. We used AJAX to make content appear and also the OMDB api brought up titles and a corresponding picture. Also we utilised the YouTube api to display a trailer for the movie or show. Descriptions were imported via the Wikipedia api.

Challenges we ran into

For older films that are no longer in the cinema, the showing times would not be displayed. Due to lack of sleep we were very confused to why this happened until a third party stated the obvious and told us these films are no longer in the cinema.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We struggled the most on setting up the loation tracking via the ip address. This was used for thye cinema locating system. However after many hours of periverence if a movie is typed into the searchbar and it is currently in cinemas, it now shows the nearest location and times. This has been the biggest accomplishment as it was the last hurdle for our project.

What we learned

We learned how to effecively utilise the Wikipedia, OMDB, YouTube and MovieGlu apis.

What's next for MovieLibrary

Adding extra features such as film reviews, and a social media aspect where you can add friends and see what movies they're interested in.

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