Movie Roulette

Note vimeo slightly outdated at this time, see below conversation for up to date conversation example.

Database of movie facts and trivia pulled from IMDB and the NeflixRoulette API (

You: Alexa, ask movie roulette for director Steven Spielberg.

Alexa: Among others, Steven Spielberg directed: Hook, Close Encounters of the Third Kind: 30th Anniversary Ultimate Edition, Amistad, The Adventures of Tintin, 1941. What next?

You: Movie Gladiator.

Alexa: Gladiator was released on May 5th, 2000 by director Ridley Scott, starring Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, Connie Nielsen, and Oliver Reed. It's average user rating was: 8.5

You: Show Silicon Valley

Alexa: Silicon Valley has 37 episodes across 4 seasons, from April 6th, 2014 to the most recent episode on June 18th, 2017, with an average rating of 7.5

You: Alexa, cancel

Alexa: Exited Movie Roulette

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