In India, The movie tickets can't be cancelled so there would be no refund If I try to cancel my movie tickets. So we would have some groups for movie tickets resale in social networks. The same posts UI methodology has been removed and bot has been used to gather information with simple questions and will be moved to our database storage.

What it does

It gathers Information from the sellers and buyers with simple questions and posts it to the mongo storage. It gives maximum of 5 referral to the user whether they are buyers or sellers. To the theater operators there is a separate web application that uses google authentication and Charts with the data we have received. This can improve the business users.

How I built it

I have used all latest technologies and for javascript have used ECMA Standard 6.

Angular 4.0 technology have been used on web application.

Angular Material, Webpack and ng2 charts have been used.

AWS LEX, AWS EC2, AWS SES, AWS Lambda service have been used

Challenges I ran into

Lambda wasn't persistent for DB connection so mongo works on REST. Configuring the Bot on Slack Using the Lambda as engine for AWS LEX

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The thought came true by combing different AWS services. Provided analytics Report for the data we have stored and the Web application UI is self done Each and every code on the corners are developed by a single developer

What's next for movie ticket reseller

Ticket allocate algorithm can be done more effectively. Split ticket providing methodology can be improved

WIth minor changes this can be changed as blood saving bot. Changing move to blood group and seller to bot.

Still drill down charts should be added on the web application that give more decision factor.

I have done a bot for this AWS bot challenge 20 17 that helps you to buy or sell tickets. Ok let's move on to the presentation what I have done

In India we may book movie tickets through online but there is a policy that Movie tickets can’t be cancelled. Incase if I am unable to watch a show then my money can’t be get back. So people on same cities will form a group in social networks like facebook or whatsapp and post their movie tickets to sell it and there will be a demand to buy these tickets.

Some of the cons with this: In case the group is large then the posts will be high and some of the post will become unnoticed. Too many notifications from these group even though I am not in need Even though If I sold my tickets buyers will keep on disturbing for tickets

Some of the Pros with our bot: This same theme can be done as web application but it would be same as creating a post and broadcasting to all but as we are using a bot this builds a conversation and receives the data on a side and keep it in our storage and provides info to the needy

We provide maximum of 5 buyer contact info to a seller so If seller is interested he can sell to any buyer among them so both buyer and seller have 5 choices to buy or sell tickets

As a theme this has large information for theatre owners on audience trend and what they like these data can be tracked

Thank you for giving this wonderful learning opportunity. I am really amazed with AWS LEX services that was awesome and it was easy to adapt.


A chatbot can communicate with any number of users but the communication becomes effective only if we observe what the information has given to us and provide those info when in need. This bot currently created to sell or buy movie tickets.

In India, Once you have booked your movie tickets you cannot replace it or cancel it. So, if we are unable to go for a movie then the money couldn’t get back but on other side some persons will be ready to buy the movie tickets. So this bot gets info from both buyer and seller, it relates them and share the data

Currently How it is done?

Based on the city we reside we would create groups on social networks like facebook, whatsapp etc… So the person wants to sell will post on this page and who on need can go through post and contact them directly and can transfer the money through online and transfer their tickets.

What problems we face in current methodology?

Too many posts will be made and some would become unnoticed Even though If I have sold my tickets buyers will keep on disturbing I would be getting unwanted notifications even though I am not in need of tickets Data is not used effectively for organizing shows since while go through this data we can predict pulse rate of the movie’s success.

How we overcome this?

In case If I am creating Application to solve this problem the User Interface would be again like same post and buyer have to go through it.

We overcome this by implementing AWS LEX, now you can interact with it through Slack. Either buyers or sellers it would be gathering the data with easy questions. Once it gathered Necessary Information we will post the data to our Storage.

Once data entered to storage we refer upto 5 persons who matches with provided criteria. For example, Our storage already have 5 records of buyer for a movie on a show date and a seller posts for same movie and date then this 5 user data will be shared through email

We will be sharing maximum of 5 buyers data to a seller with contact address of them. So the seller can directly contact the buyer and give their movie tickets and receive the money in online.

So sellers will have a maximum 5 buyers of their choice and buyers to have the same so both of them will be getting 5 choices.

Once the tickets are sold the data will be still useful we can do predictions and analytics with the data we have.

This bot helps to Improve the business of theatre runners and also to get report of the people wish on the movie.

Pros of using our bot: In case buyer are in abundant then we would make sure to provide at least to one seller. Earlier post their tickets they will not get unnoticed Buyer information will be given only to sellers so unwanted disturbance can be avoided Data we get will be preserved and will be useful for making analytics for Theatre runners so they can improve the business since we can predict the movie that people wish to watch.

Technology We have used: AWS LEX AWS LAMBDA AWS SES AWS EC2 Mongo Database Node JS Analytics Web App (MEAN stack) Angular 4.0

Architecture Diagram


Buyer, Seller are the roles of the users to give the information. Once they are done with selling their tickets they can remove their post by giving the transaction Id and delete it.

We would not share the seller info to buyer since there is a chance of getting disturbance in case if 5 buyers get the seller information then the seller will be annoyed. If requested we can change it.


This application uses Google Authentication. This web application gives you more insight from the data we have received, the trend chart of what the people likes to watch and highest number of tickets are in need and highest number of tickets they want to sell

So this may give a decision factor to the Theatre runners to what peoply likes and when they like to watch it.

Future of Reseller:

This method can be used on any domains. Even with minor changes we can modify life saving application as changing blood instead of movie and the term buyer and seller will be changed as donor and patient.

Still there are many works we can optimize the ticket distribution on the core server

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