i have always wanted a way to get great movie to watch easily instead of searching all over the internet for new movies and i didn't have a clue whether in the end it's a good movie or not

What it does

that's why i build the Movie Suggestions skill with "Movie Suggestions" you can always find a good movie to watch you can get movie recommendations based on :

  • the release years you want
  • the overall rating score of the movie
  • the movie category you like including over 20 categories -backed with wide database with around 400 movies from the 90s and up -you can also get brief summary about the movie suggested by Alexa including the plot , director , runtime of the movie

How I built it

using the new feature : Alexa Conversations the skill is very flexible and makes asking for recommendations

Challenges I ran into

Alexa Conversations was new to me so i took some time to get used to it and fixing the bugs and error i find as i go and add more features to the skill

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

i was able to complete the skill and added all the features i want and it worked as expected ,sometimes i thought it's not gonna work and wanted to stop but i am proud i didn't quit .

What I learned

i have learnt a new way for programming Alexa skill with the new Alexa Conversations approach that makes Natural Alexa Interactions so much easier and more realistic

What's next for Movie Suggestions

i am planning to expand the database to 1500 movie more and keep it up to date , also try with new features for different alexa supported devices , such as devices with screens

Built With

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