Earlier I had done sentiment analysis on news headlines for stock prediction but not on movies so it came to my mind to do it on movie and built a recommendation engine for it also.

What it does

This is a website which gives details about the movie you search with its cast , sentiment analysis of that movie i.e. overall rating with the recommendation of the others movie similar to the searched movie.

How we built it

This has been built using python , machine learning , flask and web scraping.The datasets has been taken from kaggle and web scraping done through Beautiful Soup.To know more about the cast of movie api key has been taken from . First the datasets were preprocessed and sentiment analysed was done on it and a recommendation engine was built and it has been made into website using python flask and deployed using heroku app.

Challenges we ran into

The challenges were to mange the data , transform them , deployed it on heroku because as the load on server gets high .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The model was built successfully of what has been thought of.

What we learned

To make a recommendation system , do webscraping and manage them all.

What's next for Movie Recommendation System

To improve it's UI/UX , its loading time and currently it has hollywood movies only and in english so to add more other movies like in hindi , french and much more .

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