Always had to go through a lot of internet surfing on just to decide what to watch on a chill weekend ended up spending my most time in the search itself rather than actually watching anything. So decided to build something to deal with this problem.

What it does

This is a web app that asks you the name of the one movie you liked and based on that it finds similar movies that you may like and enjoy.

How I built it

It is Flask based web app that uses the method of cosine similarity and pandas library to deal with the dataset. then we built a similarity matrix and using that score it recommends the used we also used the OMDB API to get movie details.

Challenges I ran into

we completed the python-based recommendation system but was not able to merge it with the javascript-based API model so at the last it just kind of a movie info app rather than a recommendation system.the dataset hunt was a task and other task was to combine the both languages python and javascript

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

was able to deliver something .made an App that gives you info of the movie

What I learned

Flask implementation , how to use APIs , AWS deployment

What's next for Movie Recommendation System

to build a complete recommendation system with revamped UI and more features

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