I am a movie lover. I'm constantly searching for good movies that not only have high ratings, but also fit my personal taste

What it does

By fetching data from TasteDive API and OMDb API, I can recommend a list of movies based on your preference and rank them by their Rotten Tomatoes rating!

How we built it

Built using python (Runestone environment), Movie Playlist Generator fetches data about movies from TasteDive API and OMDb API.

Challenges we ran into

Both APIs required API access keys, this restricts the usage outside of Runestone environment due to the absence of cache.

What we learned

Because of this project, I can now better appreciate REST APIs. I also have a deeper understanding of collecting and processing data using Python

What's next for Movie Playlist Generator

I wish to utilize a third REST API to obtain the posters of movies so that Movie Playlist Generator can display the movie poster next to the title.

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