We love watching movies, and we believe every one has a movie soul mate no matter how mainstream or indie their movie preferences are.

What it does

Movie Pals allows users to keep track of their movie watched list, and the Discover feature allows users to find similar minded movie lovers.

How we built it

We developed our web app using RESTful design. First we decided on a way to match the users based on compatibility. Since our data is mostly categorical, it was hard to find a similarity measure that doesn't use Machine Learning. So we decided on using a simple method of matching users based on their primary (strongest) and secondary (following 2 strongest) genre preferences. We built an authentication, and took additional measures to protect other users from accessing or posting to contents that they don't have ownership to. The web app is built on cloud service c9.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finished everything on time.

What we learned

What's next for Movie Pals

Built With

  • body-parser
  • connect-flash
  • connect-flash":-"^0.1.1
  • ejs
  • ejs":-"^2.5.8
  • express":-"^4.16.3
  • express-session
  • express-session":-"^1.15.6
  • express.js
  • mongoose
  • mongoose":-"^5.0.13
  • passport
  • passport":-"^0.4.0
  • passport-local
  • passport-local":-"^1.0.0
  • passport-local-mongoose
  • passport-local-mongoose":-"^5.0.0
  • request
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