The Movie Nights Story

We all have been in the situation where we want to watch a movie with our friend or a girlfriend however we can't decided on which movie to watch. Well fear no more! The web app that we built simply solves this problem by using Rotten Tomatoes Api and allowing you and your friend to find a movie you both want to watch in a simple way. It looks at the film and mood references you provide for that night, analyses that using data returned from Rotten Tomatoes Api and makes an intelligent decision on what movies you both would enjoy watching. Not only it does that based on your previous watching history, but it also looks into which movies you specified on that evening and using our own algorithm derives a mood setting from those, by looking at director, lead actors and rating scores. It also secretly shuffles in small percentages of movies that are worth watching so you can keep discovering new content and don't get stuck in your own little bubble.

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