Movie Explorer

There are few things I love more than movie nights.  Dimming the lights, getting close with loved ones, and becoming completely engulfed in a movie together.  There is nothing like synchronously going on a rollercoaster of emotions all orchestrated by a great flick.  The problem is, finding a quality film that everyone would like to see is tough, and we went out to fix this problem.

We have always wanted a quick and beautiful application to accurately browse through movies.  We have wanted to be able to select a movie, and see all its related movies propogated with information like ratings, trailers, so at PennApps 2015, we made it.

We made this application for everyone that enjoys watching movies, yet has a little analysis paralysis when it comes to movie selection.  

We are most proud of how beautiful the page looks, and also of the trailers on the right sidebar.  There is no other tool that displays movie data so accurately and beautifully, and we believe that this is a tool that everyone will start using once they see it.

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