Inspiration: We wanted to build a software which uses the latest technology (Voice Recognition and ChatBot) to help people with disabilities.

What it does? The main goal of our software is that it will provide nutritional information about a food item specified by the user using Wegmans API. There are two ways to give input. First, voice to text recognition (for people who are visually challenged). Second, chatbot (for people who are mute).

How we built it? We’re a team of 3 people. The work was divided into front-end, API parsing, and voice recognition. Moreover, we used Google’s DialogFlow together to implement the chatBot. Facebook Messenger ChatBot is currently active which can either work though DialogBox or manually though API. Our website is live, source code on Github, which uses voice recognition .

Challenges I ran into? Debugging was the biggest challenge. Understanding the documentation and implementing the code was a tedious process. Moreover, customizing the code provided by the company according to our needs was an another time taking process.

Accomplishments that I’m proud of? We’re a proud that despite facing so many challenges during the development phase, our team didn’t gave up. We spend whole night debugging hundreds of lines of code. And when we got things working, it was the most existing part of our journey.

What’s next? Making our code, website, and chatbot more versatile and user friendly by coming up with more test cases would be a great next step. Moreover, shifting our whole API handling aspect to Google’s DialogFlow would be our primary consideration.

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