We found that it is very difficult to find a time to watch movies with friends. We decided to create a movie-linked calendar to solve this problem.

What it does

Movie Calendar lets users create a watchlist with a twist - they can add their friends and see when their friends are watching a movie, just like a movie calendar. This can be used to find out and discuss and plan to watch movies together with friends.

How we built it

We designed a UI in Figma. We coded the prototype in Next.JS using Tailwind for styling, Prisma and Railway for database, next-auth for login and tRPC for APIs. This project was created to try out the tool for web dev. We used the TMDB database API to get movie data on the app.

Problems we ran into

This was the first hackathon for one of our two members, so it took a bit of time to understand how hackathons works.

This was also the first time using a brand new technology that we've never used before (NextJS/tRPC) so we had very difficult time with that.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to make a working watchlist in such a short time especially considering trying out completely new things.

Challenges .tech registrations

We would like to register and (make movies easy with tech) for this project. Unfortunately requires a card and we dont have one right now.


CockroachDB Challenge - We connect to CockroachDB in the live site (not in development) since we use a relational database and prisma, the ORM library can connect to SQL database. This lets us get very fast database for our site so our users have very fast loading. Currently all the data on the site is saved on CockroachDB.


Although we didnt have time to implement, we can easily add Twillio to send reminder notification text messages to your friends about a movie that is coming up in your watchlist, or we can notify you when someone is going to watch a movie.

Additionally, we can notify you when a movie in your watchlist becomes available on online services such as Netflix, Disney+ or Prime Video so you can watch them easily.

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