I am a novice in coding and Alexa is my inspiration and all the members behind it to build a voice responsive environment.

What it does

It is a fun and interactive quiz game which assists end users to test their knowledge about top 250 movies based out of Internet movie database.

How I built it

Thanks to the quiz template by Paul Cutsinger and Jeff Blankenburgwhich gave the vital skills

Challenges I ran into

The first major challenge was the idea for the game, then I had to rely on how user friendly the data and interesting it should be, finally decided on my favorite hobby - watching movies. There were few technical challenges to ensure the app passes through the certification which was a challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am happy that my app got published and thanks for all the support by Amazon Alexa team.

What I learned

I learnt the number of hours a developer puts in and how equally*exciting and challenging* the journey is.

What's next for Movie Buzz

As I love movies, I need to build a proper icon and improve the game with additional features and keep it relevant and informative.

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