I believe Movie-Assistant can change the way people watch movies.

Watching movies instantly is becoming increasingly popular and it will become the preferred way to watch movies. Renting dvd’s is prone to scratches, lost movies, and late fees. Not to mention you have to physically go and get the movie. Watching movies instantly does not have these problems.

However, keeping up with what movies have recently come out and where you can watch them instantly is difficult. Also, movie services such as Netflix, Amazon, Blockbuster etc. all show the latest movies they have available for them. This requires people to scour the web to find out what movies have recently come out and check each service (Netflix, Blockbuster, Amazon) to see if they can watch it.

Movie-Assistant solves this problem by having a backend engine that collects this data for the user and provides multiple outlets (website, tablet, mobile and tv) that efficiently present this information to the user. This drastically reduces the effort required by someone that simply wants to watch a movie on Friday night and not to have to plan for it a week ahead of time.

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