I was being lazy to look up for movie, and I wanted to be more lazy without having to search for movies online.

What it does

Now you can ask google to suggest movies with our Movie Advisor application on your google home. You can search movie suggestions based on Actor, Year, Decade and Category.

How we built it

We used Action on Google API, NodeJs and Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

Had a difficult time searching for viable APIs, Took forever to get a webhook working, Sleep is getting in the way.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the Actions-on-Google API working with themoviedb API to get movies based on Title, Name,Year, Decade, and repeating intents to query different results

What we learned

Integrating Action-on-Google API with Firebase, creating Custom webhooks for API endpoints

What's next for Movie Advisor

With the MVP working for simple queries of movie results, we're looking to suggest queries based on user preference, allow users to make more interesting conversations, and create measurements for more vague descriptions such as "an more exciting movie"

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