We bring the force back to move objects using the hands without touch

What it does

We use Movesense attached to a hand to detect movement and drive a tank. The awesome part, is that it can drive many others things: drone, robotic arm, car, plane, surgery and many others

How we built it

Movesense send the movement data to a mobile phone running an app that convert the data and send the command to an embedded board that direct the motor speed to an Arduino nano that drive the motors using PWM control.

Challenges we ran into

1 - Movesense API talk only to IOS or Android

2 - Several wireless communication in a highly polluted RadioFrequency enviroment

3 - Learning the API

4 - Fire evacuation

Accomplishments that we are proud of

It works and the future is brilliant for such solution

What we learned

Movesense is a great product, it would be great to use this product in other platforms, not only on iOS or Android.

What's next for MoveSenseTank

MoveSense Tie Figther And there are many invitations to China to develop further and produce in large scale

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