Moverio Jam! - Musical Instruments for Moverio

This project involves several virtual musical instruments or procedural sound generators both adapted to and designed for Moverio. These instruments use the input medium and experience unique to HMD’s and/or Moverio. Instruments are overlayed on top of reality or in a virtual environment and input is from the device gyroscope, camera or input pad.

gyroPiano is one of several musical instruments that you can play on HMD’s. Rotate your head and tap to shoot to play a musical instrument piano key. Originally designed for Glass, this can also be modified for Moverio’s richer interface.

gyroBeats lets you play a virtual drum set on your head. See a virtual 3d drumset and jam by moving your head!

Moverio Bongo turns the Moverio pad into bongo drum pads!

Moverio Tapper lets you play a song out by tapping out each note on the Moverio pad.

Music Platformer lets you play a platform game on your Moverio eyepiece while tapping out the music on the pad.

Moverio DJ lets you be a DJ with your own virtual DJ set augmented in real life anywhere you go - use the Moverio pad to control how the tracks spin and go!

Moverio Sequencer turns the Moverio pad into a music sequencer.

Finger Xylophone turns the Moverio pad into a relative-finger-position based xylophone.

Guitar Fingerings lets you practice the fingering of certain guitar chords on the Moverio pad.

Head Jammer lets you shake your head to jam to music!

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