##Mover Prover

We are Mover Prover and we want you to own your dance moves!

Other art forms profit from exclusivity, so why not dance? We invite people to create their own special dance moves which we capture in video form with our machine learning program and register in our Mover Prover database. We give each move a unique name so that they can be trademarked and owned by their creator. Our broker system enables dance moves to be bought and sold, assigning ownership and empowering the creator to enjoy control over their creation. A mover can decide how their move should be used- who can buy it, who can sell it, and how its likeness can be recreated and disseminated. Our database also lets the general public know which moves are for sale.

With the emergence of memes, emotes, and other platforms that enable things like a photo, video, or dance to "go viral," Mover Prover protects creators from the chaos of misrepresentation and illegality. The CJ Sip, the Noone-Walk, The Ju-Ju Jive; the next viral dance sensation could come from your hypnotic hip gyrations. You could be the next Backpack Kid stealing the spotlight with your Flossing and we're hear to equip you with tools to help make sure you get justly rewarded for the dancing queen that you are!

Built With

  • 7digital
  • eos-smart-contracts
  • tensorflow
  • tensorflowjs
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