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MOVER is a global HR mobile tool which is useful for hiring multilingual speakers on metaverse world. It utilises SBT to visualise each other's achievements and competencies, overcoming native language barriers. Easily search for moderator's experience and complete hiring, settle contracts and pay them in just three clicks.


The DAOs and guilds have difficulties for hiring anonymous community moderators with knowledge of cutting-edge areas such as Web3 and Metaverse. The fact that it takes so much time/effort to agree, settle contracts across borders with Mods whose mother tongue is different.

The era of 3rd bitcoin surge, there were more than 10,000 DAOs. If they are serious and focus about engage their community participants, they will need to employ at least one native English speaker and, in the case of global services, several language speakers, including Chinese. As metaverses and guilds become more common in the years to come, the demand for support for speakers of other mother tongues will become even more important. It means low context communication will become more important in the future.

In addition, in order to hire a moderator who speaks a different language to you, you have to make a proper assessment of the moderator's ability and track thei job records. This requires much time and effort. Despite this need, there are currently no easy way and tools to standardise/visualise their competence and remuneration, and to contract/pay them based on mutual agreement.


In the future, we will work with Discord to implement a KYC mechanism based on zero-knowledge proof to enable both parties to gain trust and order work even if they are anonymous to each other.


  • AstarNetwork
  • SBT
  • Subquery
  • AWS

Contract Address on AstarNetwork


  • PoM : 0x74A8c69b0B053dEDc83726051ccfEe8267FA3c22
  • Vesting: 0xD619082Ebb0Ad321E9F4DDD0Fd549Cc59140Bb00
  • Agreement: 0x44EA7Cdc85c6bB9c60c15FF3E21D2c2b9B0df25A


  • POM: 0x9c75273f17c0d4E08769ba8779A631B44934F362
  • Vesting: 0xd22EE6671646e81B58A42f727eBF611790128996
  • Agreement: 0xF730e4cfF7Ac559C70eA41158107e772046C3754
  • Token : 0x6845Abeb53C1B5E41820Fe8e3F454Ef560aD83f0

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