Inspired by the recent student-led protests and demonstrations nationwide, we decided to build a platform to facilitate youth empowerment to excursive civic engagement and make their opinions heard.

What it does

Our app, mvmt, allows youth and students to browse nearby events, view information about the topical political causes, pledge their support to specific events, and organize events themselves.

How we built it

This platform consists of both a frontend and a backend database. We used Android studio to build a frontend with Google's Material Design and Python's Flask library to architect a full RESTful API backend. Before beginning to code, we laid out our app's design and functionality in Sketch.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into several challenges with regards to fusing the frontend to the backend. The client-side API wrapper took the longest time to implement, and we ran into several issues while trying to debug the client application mostly due to the limitations of debugging tools.

Additionally, since 3/4 of our team members don't use Android, designing UI and the actual app for Android was a challenge, as we had mostly no familiarity with the design language or platform design conventions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of our pretty ambitious platform idea and create something that can be used by all of our peers at school and nationwide.

What we learned

We learned that implementing UI on Android is challenging and very different from iOS app development.

What's next for Movement: Empowering Youth to Start a Movement

Stay tuned!

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