Learning movements without a personal trainer can be hard. Especially if you do not have enough time or money. In the current times around the corona virus, meeting a personal trainer is also not easy. What if you could learn anything right from your living room? We believe that this can be achieved with the combination of pose estimation and personalized visual feedback creating a rich user experience. Therefore we introduce Movement Coach.

What it does

Movement Coach allows you to practice any kind of movement (sports, dancing, yoga, etc.) at home without external supervision. The user receives customized visual feedback powered by modern pose estimation technology.

How We built it

Over the course of ICC 2020 we were able to reach multiple milestones which lead to the completion of our final prototype. We were able to built a web based application that is able to estimate different poses and compare them. The result in form of a visual guidance for the user is displayed in a two-stage front end.

Challenges We ran into

On this way from milestone to milestone we encountered different challenges from a complicated project architecture over performance issues of the application to the need for an intuitive user experience.

Accomplishments that We are proud of

The main accomplishment that we are proud of is that we have running web-based prototype which is able to run in a live demo at the final presentation.

What I learned

Not only did we have to overcome different challenges but we also learned some lessons on the way. ICC showed us once again the need for constant re-evaluation of the requirements, strong team work and adaptability.

What's next for Movement Coach

To turn our project into a final project different steps are needed. From an improved software architecture and performance, a fitting billing model to enhanced usability.

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