More and more people choose trains as a transportation media which sometimes results in overcrowded trains and train stations especially in peak hours.

What it does

We designed and built a context based passengers distribution system.

The context comes from both historical data about passengers load and from real-time data - sensors mounted inside the train cars and train stations (e.g. Siemens platform).

Our system:

  • Provides passengers with information about expected/current load while planning the trip
  • Provides passengers with targeted automated suggestions on how they could distribute on the platform/within the train. Currently available toolbox:
    • even distribution of passengers within the coaches of the same class
    • free upgrades to upper class service for loyal passengers
    • discounts for coffee&croissant in local coffee kiosks to temporary unload the train zone

Interaction with passengers happens over mobile application.

How I built it

Six energetic drinks and two packs of cigarettes. Actually with Golang, JS, Bolt, Flutter.

Challenges I ran into

Lack of front-end development skills - took us quite a bit to emulate passengers behaviour for the demo.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We finally did it.

What I learned

Increased JS skills.

What's next for MoveIt

An MVP on a pilot train station/train line.

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