We are passionate about disease prevention . One of the most pressing healthcare problems in the US is obesity, where approximately 35.7% of adults are obese. Obesity in the future can cause serious health issues including diabetes and heart disease. We are hoping to prevent obesity in adults which can lead to better health outcomes and a reduction in healthcare costs.

What it does

We are using an App to motivate people to move and make lifestyle changes which, in the future, can lead to permanent healthy habits.This is done by incentivising healthy choices and physical activities. We are partnering with insurance companies to create incentives for the customers that reduce their premiums and make them healthier at the same time.

How we built it

The prototype App was built using Ratchet, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, chart.js, and font awesome. We also used Google Chrome for testing.

Challenges we ran into

The initial challenge was narrowing our target population, since, obesity is a nation wide problem regardless of age. One of the biggest challenges we ran into was the use historical data from Fitness Tracking devices and their effective use in making people healthier. We believe that the use of Machine Learning algorithms can lead to some useful insights. Another challenge we faced was to decide the features we wanted to include in the final app, to make it intuitive, useful and effective.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The accomplishment we are most proud of is the team work. We were all from different backgrounds and we accomplished a very good exchange of ideas, use cases and techniques that we could use, finally deciding to go ahead with our current idea. Another accomplishment we are proud of is that we have a working prototype that looks very close to what we imagine the final product would look like.

What we learned

We learned that working collectively in a team of multiple disciplines leads to a far superior result taking into account multiple points of view. At the same time, due to our limited time, we learned how to be quick in regards to making the right decision to get the most out of the available technologies.

What's next for MoveIt!

MoveIt!, as of right now, is solely a prototype App that tracks user activity using the sensors included in most smartphones today. However, in the future, as wearable technology advances we can are planning on integrating more devices into the App. We can measure the activity level more accurately and monitor the health of insurance customers. We can even use wearables to make sure that the customers health is not at risk of immediate danger and predict possible future health issues based on their lifestyle compared to other users.

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