Humans hold phones upright for everything besides viewing videos so why aren't videos optimized to fit in our hands? We asked ourselves this question and realized that it requires a lot of effort for video creators to cut two edits of the same video (one vertical and one horizontal). We also noticed that watching videos in a vertical aspect ratio is surprisingly nice in most scenarios. This inspired us to create a tool that makes optimizing horizontal videos for vertical screens extremely easy and efficient.

What it does

MOV enables video creators to crop their horizontal videos for vertical screens. Creators simply drag their finger along their video tracking the focal point while MOV crops the video for portrait viewing.

How I built it

MOV came to life through a handful of framer.js prototypes and multiple rounds of testing. Once we settled on a prototype that was intuitive and easy to use, we dived into Swift development, failing countless times, learning from our mistakes and making progress throughout the weekend.

Challenges I ran into

We discovered a bug in the latest version of the Swift Library. Sleep deprivation is real.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The accomplishment we are most proud of is meeting so many brilliant peers/individuals from around the globe.

What I learned

This was our whole teams first hackathon - we learned that it is important to commit to an idea and get to work early on so you have the most opportunity to finish your goals.

What's next for MOV

The long term vision for MOV is to be the premiere outlet for mobile optimized videos. Once content creators recongize the engaging power of the platform, they will be encouraged to create mobile first videos to harness the outlets full potential.

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