A simple and easy to use locally relevant guide to everything you may need outdoors. In the future, the app will have a machine learning scanner that can detect flora for food and mountain tops for navigation.

What it does

It is meant to manage your camp inventory, provide food guides, safety tips, and location tracking as well as topo maps

How I built it

Prototyping in and final edits are to be made in xCode

Challenges I ran into

Coming up with the idea. It is still a work in progress.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I found new tools for prototyping and I worked with my stepfather for feature ideas, he is a man that actually lived in the wilderness as a teenager!

What I learned

How to use Firebase API keys and how to get started with drag n drop builders like

What's next for Mountain Guide

To actually finish the app. Fully cleaned up images, tons of entries for each database, auto syncing data for your hikes based on planned events in Komoot or ViewRanger. Fully offline maps, and a fleshed out mapping system. right now only parts of the food database and the map work.

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