Moss-beard Mountain-back starts off at a slow pace, easing you into a beautiful, whimsical world. It is an immersive experience, where one encounters an awoken Giant. Moss-beard Mountain-back invokes several emotions leaving you entranced throughout the adventure.

Wander the fantasy forest using our intuitive hands-free movement to interact with the environment. Encounter charming critters with agendas of their own and enjoy the quiet riverside life. THUMP THUMP....THUMP THUMP.... Until you are caught up in the path of a mysterious giant beast, now what will you do?


Tilt/lean motion set up to be intuitive. Travel the world hands free, Tilt forward and backward, move wherever you like, look at anything and everything. Enjoy at your own command. The program will be aware of points of interest that it will take in to account to allow for the viewing without movement, but when you decide to walk again, it will know.
(see our video for an example)


A user can expect to be immersed within an enchanted forest. They will have the ability to go anywhere in the forest at their own pace. Expect several interactions and stories to unfold and be prepared for a forest full of life. On top of the forest and the little interactions, there will be a overall story arch about encountering a Giant. This is the story that progresses the user through the experience. The main mechanics are based on movement: Viewing and journeying, following creatures, creatures following you and a story, which guides your emotions.


The main thing we focused on was creating an intuitive hands free movement mechanic. It was the best option for better immersion. We chose to go with a explore-able world, because we wanted to allow a user to use the movement mechanic to explore and travel as they please. What interests each individual user is completely different and we wanted to give them the ability to choose their own journey. Whether they wanted to relax along the river and listen to the birds or chase Deer: they can pick and play. The environment is also full of User cues based on position, viewpoint, speed and dependent Artificial Intelligence. Also full of visual and audio interactions. We just wanted to bring a environment that has the ability to take you in and keep you there. Including small details to big ones.

Feature list:

  • Hands Free Exploration
  • Wordless Narrative
  • Great for all ages
  • Visually stunning
  • Fully Explorable Fantasy world
  • Face to face with a Giant
  • Perfect introduction to Virtual Reality

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