An Excuse

Every weekend, thousands of motorcycle riders everywhere are looking for a reason to ride their beloved bikes. Beautiful weather, empty roads... and nowhere to go. Why can't riding be more than just getting from A to B?

The 'Poker Run'

Motorcycle clubs across America have adopted so called 'Poker Runs', where local biker groups get together and drive to 5 separate locations during the course of a day, receiving a playing card for each location they visit. At the end of the ride, the best hand wins (just like in real poker!).

Unfortunately, these are small, regional events that have to be planned well in advance beforehand (and often require participants to pay in). Why can't we take this idea a step further?


MotoRide is a weekly contest that encourages riders to go and ride through automatically generated routes in their area. For every location they visit, the user receives a playing card. After 5 locations, the player has a full poker hand, and at the end of the week the best hand receives a $100 gift card from BMW! Users have the ability to join groups in their area to ride with, and all of the navigation functionality is handled by the app itself.

The routes are generated automatically, so riders can be in any part of the country, and they'll never get tired of riding the same routes twice.

What's next for MotoRide

With any luck, the community will think it's as good of an idea as we do. We're excited to see where it goes!

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