We started with the idea to point to a shelter when bad weather is coming. The idea was based on heavy hail but changed during the process to rain

What it does

MotoRadar gives the user a rain forecast including where the bad weather is coming from within 15 minutes, in 360 degrees around the user. MotoRadar can be totally controlled by voice, which is ideal for a motorcycle driver. When there is bad weather coming you will be asked if you would like to have MotoRadar lead you to the nearest shelter by answering with a simple "yes!". Google maps is directly opened from within the app and by leading you to the nearest shelter, MotoRadar makes sure you will be safe on the road.

How we built it

We built it with small steps so we had a MVP asap. Using several tools and programming languages like Javascript, Python, IBM Bluemix, Ionic and API's we created MotoRadar.

Challenges we ran into

MotoRadar could be deployed in several other use-cases, so it was difficult to make a good choice. Further, we used new tools which we had no prior knowledge of.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Using several tools that we didn't know.
  • Build in an iterative way, starting with an MVP and expand from there
  • Combining several techniques such as Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech

What we learned

  • New techniques
  • Deploying a product
  • Efficient teamwork

What's next for MotoRadar

  • Hail
  • Snow
  • Leading trucks to the nearest safe parking spots within their driving time limits
  • etc.

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