The goal for the Motor City Wellness app is to increase the wellness of the Metro Detroit community by reducing the incidence of chronic diseases.

What it does

The Motor City Wellness app works to empower the Detroit community to live healthier lives and reduce their risk of getting chronic diseases through two features: 1) A survey that quantifies level of wellness and informs the user of how to reduce their risk 2) A service that provides the user with a grocery list based on their budget and recommends recipes for healthy, enjoyable and inexpensive meals

How I built it

The survey form was built using html and css, and the algorithms to turn the answers into a survey score with javascript

Challenges I ran into

A significant challenge for me at this stage was the learning curve to figure out what I tools I needed to make my app possible, because I came in with very little developer experience. Talking with fellow hackers and mentors made a huge difference for me to figure out how to make my idea possible.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to flesh out the idea into something that people would really like and benefit from, and learning to create the survey form with developer tools

What I learned

I learned what tools are needed to make my idea possible. I also learned how to use the tools needed for the user-facing component of the app

What's next for Motor City Wellness app

The app is far from finished, but I intend to acquire the developer skills to complete it and make it available for Detroiters to actually use!

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