Although all three of us live in the great city of New York, we realized how little we knew about it. Sure we knew some of the touristy spots, and maybe even some of the niche hipster spots, but there was just far too much architecture, too much culture, too much stuff, to take it all in with conventional means.

What it does

In the era of IoT, learning about a city's history, architecture, and culture can take a fair amount of googling and research. Now with, your new mobile tour host, it's becomes even easier. Take a picture and with the power of Clarifai, NYC Open Data, geolocation, IBM Watson, and your own mobile device, you can effortlessly get detailed information, listen about it on your Harman headphones, and learn about what you're seeing. Let your mobile phone be your host as you tour your city and get to know it better than ever before.

How we built it

We used NYC Open Data and Esri to come up with a variety of different ideas and stitched them together using Android SDK and an api backend in Flask. After that, we had to figure out how to take pictures, upload them onto Clarifai's API, and get geolocation data. We used these together to come up with interesting tidbits about the landmarks or restaurants and help the user learn more about them through the use of Harman's SDK.

Challenges we ran into

Many problems came from the Open Data source itself. Data was stored in many different ways with varying amounts of accuracy. There was a lot of pushback from Android studios as well as for using React Native but in the end we were able to get around these issues and solve our problems.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to finish our hack!

What we learned

There are a lot of ways that data can be manipulated but just as many ways they could be stored. This needs to be changed along with how many people take advantage of the data available!

What's next for MoTo.Host

Better learning and augmented reality!

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