Samora is a female, first generation high school student that dreams about going to a prestigious college. During the pandemic, she was forced to do her freshman year online. She is someone who loses motivation and focus easily and has a lot of unfinished projects. Did I mention she is also a huge procrastinator? These habits that she has might endanger her chances of entering the colleges she dreams of attending. We all know they like students who can triumph over their challenging curriculum.

Sadly, since the pandemic started, these issues are things students face since starting online classes. I have experienced firsthand stressful classes only to face the after school work given to us by teachers. Not to mention the jobs, practices, rehearsals and chores some others have. With all that work piled up, you want the ground to swallow you up.

What it does

Meet Motivicio, your motivational virtual pet assistant. Motivico is a website that gives you a virtual pet to work with during the day. You can add a project, assignment, quiz or even chore to complete and your pet will send you a message every 5 minutes to motivate you. There will also be a button available to click on when you need that extra boost but your five minute message has not arrived yet. Who better to motivate you than your own pet?

Your pet also has some special features, oh yes!! Each pet comes with a to-do list, schedule and planner to help organize your work and give our young procrastinators a boost.

How I built it

I decided to build the signup and login page using QOOM. After those were done, I set out to do the account page and created the chat room, schedule, planner and to-do list prototypes. I also created a settings page, inserting a delete account prototype and the log out function. Then I created the about and contact us page and decorated the website using different shades of pink and gold.

Challenges I ran into

Motivicio was born out of a challenge. The former project was deleted when my laptop ran into issues and I had no idea what to do. After two days, I got inspired to do this and after a while, there was an internet outage. The Chat Room prototype was also hard because we ran lines and lines and lines of code before reaching the product we had today.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The greatest accomplishment was finishing the website and getting at least 5 people to test it in less than 24 hours. Our overall review was that it was aesthetically pleasing to the eye and functions amazingly.

What I learned

This is my first hackathon. I learned a lot about JavaScript and how to use it to create functions I needed in my websites. i also learned how to work under pressure and improved my communication skills. I leveled up on my HTML/CSS coding abilities

What's next for Motivicio

Our next steps include turning the website into an IOS and Android app. More features coming will include journals, a block site page and an anti-stress center. The to-do list will include a priority rating to help figure out what you need in a day. It will also include a focus music stream like lo-fi beats to help increase brain simulation.

I trust this service could help bring focus and motivation to our online students as they navigate online learning.

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