We were inspired by the idea of products that would be necessary and popular after the Covid-19 pandemic ends. More people will be inclined to attend social gatherings and start interacting with everyone in-person again. Knowing this, we have built an application that lets users connect to each other and discover local events with ease.

What it does

In essence, Motive is a web and mobile application that allows users to attend or host events. An event hoster can describe the type and scope of their event and have it be available to the public to their circle of friends.

How we built it

Our team went through a comprehensive agile development cycle ensuring effective implementation. We were able to create our prototypes for both web and IOS applications using the Figma interface design tool. Through wireframing, we were able to create a full-fledged dynamic front-end design.

Challenges we ran into

Our primary challenge was deciding the means of production - initially, we decided on creating an interactive webpage using HTML/CSS but due to production issues and a lack of timing, we decided to move to Figma. Time management was an issue throughout, we spend a significant amount of time on smaller features which lead to use somewhat rushing at the end to meet our timelines.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We were able to work together well as a team and visualize a possible start-up project that we are interested in pursuing.

What we learned

How to properly wireframe an application and define its requirements and design constraints as part of the Agile Development Methodology. We also learned some of the advanced features of Figma such as prototype presenting, masking, making logos, etc.

What's next for Motive

Develop a responsive web application as well as mobile applications based on the Figma prototypes.

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