The inspiration for this application came from using text to speech software that can return a somewhat intelligent reply. Once the format is set, any json used as the dictionary that the software draws from can be modified to suit anyone's needs. Therefore, while this application is a gag application, the source code can be modified such that it can be used for counselling, problem solving, or any other purpose where automated interaction would be useful.

What it does

What our file does is that it receives vocal inputs, likely from the user lamenting about their long day. We then return a motivating message that will likely end up depressing the user. Intended as a gag app, the user will find themselves on the receiving end of staggering, and occasionally politically incorrect humor.

How we built it

The application uses 2 different dictionaries to first detect the category of the user input, then using the second dictionary, the application responds with the most appropriate reply. The application uses the Nuance Mix API to turn the vocal input into a text format that our code (done mostly in python) can process. An extensive list covering the most common input terms was made such that inputs could be fit into one of eight categories: Social life, family, relationships, school, political, health, technology, and self. The input terms are weighted (done through testing with example sentences) so that if two terms conflict in terms of categories they direct to, terms with higher weighting will take priority. Based on which category the input falls into, the output will be generated by searching for keywords in the input.

Challenges we ran into

We had some challenges integrating the UI and the backend. One major problem that we encountered is that we were unsure of how to convert command line arguments into simple buttons that the user can press to use the application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

TEAM WORK. Everything that we have accomplished would not have been possible had it not been for our collaboration with each of the team members. We pride ourselves in the fact that during the development of our application, each member always had work to do.

What we learned

We learned how to use the Nuance Mix API. We also learned how to connect the front end of the web application to the python backend using flask. However, we realized later that we didn't need to connect the web application to the python backend because Nuance Mix has a Javascript API that can be used for web applications.

What's next for Motivator

There's a possibility that this application can be used as a structural shell if other users want to use our source code, but prepared with different outputs. This way, a gag app can easily be transformed into an app that can automate responses based on key input terms, and as a result, the possibilities are endless.

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