We were influenced by the HitchBot project to some extent.

What it does

MotivationBot can snap a photo of your face. Then using several APIs, determines the sentiment the user most likely feels. MotivationBot will make sure to help and you to be happy and ask what your goal is for the day. Based on the user's goal, MotivationBot will use natural language processing to really understand what the user wants, and then will respond in kind specifically to the user's input, and to get the user excited for the future!

How I built it

Using the raspberry-pi, lots of redbull and soylent, LOTS of sweat and tears, and many many many frustrating debugging!

Challenges I ran into

MANY challenges, specifically hardware related with the frustrating outdated Raspberry pi OS that caused huge compatibility issues with the 4 google api's we used because of the Arm and x86 system differences. Also, updating libraries literally broke the hardware button. CRAZY

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating an incredibly cute bot that wants to talk to you!!!!! :3

What I learned

HOW to avoid huge frustrations and which stack is best for creating an artificial intelligence!

What's next for MotivationBot

More cuteness!!!! :3 Also lots more redbull

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