Empowering students and adults alike to achieve their dreams is highly important, and this GUI does just that. MotivateMe! was inspired by apps on the app store. I realized that a lot of the apps only had a few of the features that I wanted in an a study app, and so, MotivateMe! was created!

What it does

MotivateMe! firstly has a user account system that saves the user's work time, timetable, and goals for later usage and tracking purposes. Next, the Pomodoro system allows users to choose their own work to break ratio and saves the amount of time worked. Thirdly, the goals page contains the users goals and allows them to check them off as they continue on throughout the day. Continuing, there's a timetable feature that users can plan their day with. The timetable is saved to the users account so they can access it whenever they want. Fifthly, there are two music options for the user to listen to while studying: a lo-fi one with no music and a chill song with lyrics. Finally, the stats page allows the user to see how many goals they have left, their total work time for the day, and suggestions for daily goals. The reset section lets users reset their saved entries for the next day!

How we built it

MotivateMe! was made with python's tkinter GUI.

Challenges we ran into

Whilst creating the stats page, I ran into a lot of bugs when trying to access certain values from the text documents. This issue occurred many times while trying to set up the work times, goals, and in the timetable section.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm proud of overcoming the bugs in the timetable and goals section. The hardest part was making sure that each value saved and didn't interfere with other values.

What we learned

I learned a lot about styling and creating user profiles in tkinter. GUI's are pretty foreign to me and so during this competition I greatly improved my skills in both GUI's, python, styling, and more!

What's next for MotivateMe!

In the future, I'd like to turn MotivateMe! into a web app and iOS app. In addition to that, I'm going to add more features such as a journaling and mood system. Hopefully you'll see MotivateMe on the app store soon!

*Note that music works but in the demo video Zoom doesn't record screen audio

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