In order to combat procrastination, our group devised an idea to increase motivation to do work right away even for long term goals. Our app is a social productivity app in which a user signs in via a google account login and creates a task that others can join. When your friend joins and completes the task, you too feel motivated to do the same!

What it does

This application uses Firebase as the framework to create a productivity application that aims to connect the world. Users will find tasks that interest them and compete with others globally to reach their chosen goals.

How I built it

Firebase, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Challenges I ran into

We ran into fundamental design issues about setting the proper framework and infrastructure (JSON database).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our product achieves simplistic and seamless front end implementation as well as technically powerful back through Firebase.

What I learned

From this experience, we learned a great deal regarding using javascript to access and write database structures. Furthermore, we learned how to structure and design a database and infrastructure such that tasks could be shared and people could be connected. Ultimately, we learned a lot about integrating back end with front end to create a seamless web-app that could connect people even across the world.

What's next for Motivate Me

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