How did we come up with the idea? We are serial procrastinators when it comes to menial tasks, and I started committing to giving small amounts of money to charity if I didn't do chores/paperwork as a way to motivate myself.

What it does

We're gamifying extrinsic motivation for tasks people don't want to do. Substitutes... what is your way of motivating yourself to do a boring thing? We heard a lot of people saying they treat themselves afterwards, be it an ice cream or a party on top of the Shard. Our answer is money: by pledging it through a seamless transfer at the beginning, there is the economical satisfaction to recoup the sunk cost of the pledge, plus the option to share the achievement on social media.

The motivation business is huge in the fitness sector, but what other companies don't get is that it can be extended to other sectors beyond fitness and weight loss, and successfully monetized.

Challenges we ran into

Firebase offers a convenient range of features, but a failure to understand and meet the requirements leads to a loss of time. Difficulties with authentication cost us some time. Additionally, one team member suffered an ankle injury, but he persisted.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One of our team members entered HackNC having never written JavaScript. He exits with confidence in the language.

What we learned

We gained a lot of experience with Google Firebase, and additionally with JavaScript.

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