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What it does

It helps you interact with different devices using the myo armband at the same time.

How we built it

We divided our task in three parts

  1. Making a server on Intel Edison which is used as an agent in our project. This agent interacts with the devices and the armband.

  2. Integrating myo armband with edison and develop its functionality using its SDK. For that we used swift and is integrated on an iphone app as well.

  3. Making a client side(for the time being its only for windows). Here the user registers themselves and then can perform their desired actions for example we can log the user out of the system using our gesture.

Challenges we ran into

We faced a lot of challenges. Starting from:

  1. Understanding the way in which the Myo armband works, its functionality and applying its SDK as well.

  2. Working with intel edison and the integration of both(myo and edison)

  3. Using the combination of Myo and a smart device to connect to the edison's output signals

  4. Deriving the 3 new custom gestures

    Accomplishments that we're proud of

  5. Using the Myo armband to generate output signals from edison

  6. 3 new custom gestures established using the Myo armband

  7. Controlling multiple devices from Myo as well as smart devices(e.g. mobile phone) through the use of an app

  8. Extending capabilities of Myo

What we learned

  1. Understanding the integration process of Myo armband in conjunction with edison.

  2. How to control windows functionality for locking the user out of the system

  3. How IoT works with these concepts

What's next for Motion Connect

  1. Future developments that could potentially have added functionality

  2. Advanced GUI for usability and user experience

  3. Extending to further technologies that is present or may be available in the next few years

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