We were interested in the Myo and its potential in making many parts of everyday life easier. One of the highly important issues of today is the idea behind digital security. Weak passwords make it easier for hackers to compromise. Long passwords are difficult to remember. Our project is the solution as gestures make it easy to remember and maintains security in a local environment. When you're near your computer, you can access your accounts with gestures while maintaining overall security.

How it works

User inputs a series of gestures and the program connects this character string with the plaintext password. By inputting the gestures, the password would be released from the program and be used to login to a gmail account and send an email.

Challenges I ran into

Nobody on the team had used python or the Myo before. It was a learning experience for everyone.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We actually made something that works in the short amount of time that we were given.

What I learned

The Myo SDK does not allow a great deal of flexibility in terms of development.

What's next for Motion Based Secure Entry

A GUI, increased security, use in all apps, not just gmail.

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