Note to Judges - This is a demo build meant to showcase the Curator and Consumer editors on the same site. We envision the final product to include database storage of rules and login for Curators, which are simple to implement given more time.


Our team sympathised with the challenges that laypersons and businesses face with regards to Singapore’s constantly evolving COVID-19 measures. Motion was the progeny of our desire to alleviate this informational overload. We envision Motion to be a one stop solution for laypersons and businesses to quickly extract the information that is relevant to them whenever the COVID-19 regulations change.

What it does

Motion is a no-code development platform for creating expert systems. It comes in two parts. The first is for “Consumers”, where users fill in simple questionnaires to assess the permissibility of a proposed action. The second is for “Curators”, where experts generate the questionnaires and create the rules that govern it.

Why use Motion?

The beauty of Motion is its seamless UI. This allows Curators to rapidly prototype and publish updates to existing questionnaires, without needing to learn code or bring in a software developer. Motion thus cuts out the back-and-forth inefficiency that plagues traditional expert systems. By reducing the amount of expert time required to create and update expert systems, Motion has the potential to create expert systems which are more scalable and sustainable than those created on existing platforms. Additionally, Motion’s outputs are tagged to the date of the activities, ensuring that outputs are up-to-date and accurate.

What's next for Motion

Motion is a versatile platform, and its use is not constrained to COVID rules. We envision Motion to be applicable to any deterministic/unambiguous rules and regulations (i.e. those not involving the discretion of a decision-maker or a requirement of, say, “reasonableness”). The rapidly-evolving and excruciatingly complex fintech regulatory environment comes immediately to mind.

Further developments will likely focus on usability for both Consumers and Curators. Feature requests from the team, for instance, include NLP-based auto-generation of rules, and SingPass connectivity for Consumers to enter their personal information with one click.

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